Please see event listings below. N.B. This diary only contains basic information – not matters appertaining specifically to the parish priest and parish.

If you wish to book a date and time for a pilgrimage, please visit the Pilgrimages page.


Monday 1st January 10.30am Mass: Mary, Mother of God
Tuesday 6th February Time TBA University of the Third Age visit
Thursday 8th February 7.30pm Finance Ctte meeting
Wednesday 14 February 12.00 Noon Ash Wednesday: Mass with imposition of ashes
Thursday 29 March 7.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Friday 30 March 3.00pm Good Friday liturgy, preceded by Stations of The Cross 2pm
Sunday 1 April 10.30am Easter Sunday Mass
Wednesday 30th May 10.00am UCM pilgrimage with Knights of St Columba
Saturday 2nd June Time TBA Sacred Heart, Caterham pilgrimage
Wednesday 13th June Time TBA Diocesan Grandparents pilgrimage
Saturday 23rd June Time TBA Consolata Fathers and parish pilgrimage
Saturday 7 July Time TBA Wedding
Saturday 14 July Time TBA Wedding
Saturday 21st July Time TBA Reparation and Consecration pilgrimage
Tuesday 4 September Time TBA Seattle pilgrimage
Saturday 8 September Time TBA Wedding
Monday 15 October Time TBA St Francis of Assisi primary school pilgrimage
Sunday 4 November 3.00pm Graveyard Requiem