Christus Resurrexit

He is risen indeed!

Pope Francis’s Urbi et Orbi message on Easter Sunday challenges us to ban indifference, self-centredness, division and forgetfulness during this time of Covid-19 – and to spread the “contagion” of hope.

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The online liturgies will, of course, continue throughout the Easter Season, and beyond. By partaking in a Spiritual Communion – a link to which you will find at the bottom of this page – they are, at this time, an invaluable source of Eucharistic connection and solace.

Our Eucharistic Community will survive – and flourish, as it did in Recusant times, and we at West Grinstead in particular, have such a rich and unshakable tradition over the past five hundred years, in that regard.
The live-streaming facilities are listed in no particular order, but I have tried to include a variety of liturgical traditions/styles.
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St John the Evangelist, Horsham offers live streaming on its website, and via Facebook. Just click on this website link and scroll down to the live link:


There is live streaming throughout the day, and especially at 12 Noon each day from the National Catholic Shrine at Walsingham (our ‘big sister’ Marian Shrine):


The Liturgies of the Triduum, and Holy Mass in general is also streamed from the Secret Heart of Jesus, Caterham at:


Live Mass is also streamed from St Mary of the Angels, Worthing at 10.30am SUNDAY & 10.00am Weekdays (7.30pm Wednesdays). Go to:


Finally, live Mass is streamed at the following times from Sacred Heart Church, Hove: Monday: 10:00am; Tuesday: 10:00am; Wednesday: 8:00am; Thursday: Noon; Friday: 8:00am; First Saturday of the Month: Noon; Saturday: 6:00pm;                                          Sunday: 9:30am and 11:30am. Please visit

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During the current ‘lock-down’ situation, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to those of you who have so kindly offered to set up Standing Orders in lieu of our Sunday ‘plate collections’. This is always the most convenient method for planned giving (for all concerned) – already used by so many of us at West Grinstead – and it is vitally important at this time. Regular Standing Orders can be for any amount, no matter how small – just please give what you can afford. This is a golden opportunity to express our sincere thanks for our God-given faith, and for our beautiful, unique Shrine Church and community. Pope Francis said ‘Generosity enlarges the heart’, and we are most grateful indeed for your generosity of heart.

To set up a Standing Order, please contact Geoff Callister via email:, or phone Kate or Susan at the Priest’s House on 01403 710273 – thank you.

MANY THANKS ALSO to those who have already donated on-line, via the diocesan ‘JustGiving’ link:

This is a very simple process, but it is important to state the name of our parish – ‘Our Lady of Consolation & St Francis, West Grinstead’ – in the comments field, to ensure donations end up with the parish. Also, JustGiving defaults to a suggested ‘platform fee’ of an extra 15%, but this can be reset to any amount down to zero.     Thank you indeed!

Finally, if you prefer, cheques in lieu of plate collections can be sent to the presbytery: Priest’s House, Park Lane, West Grinstead, Horsham, RH13 8LT. They should be made payable to ‘RCD A&B Our Lady of Consolation’.


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 An extract from Fr Aaron’s current Newsletter:

Greetings from my office in Springfield Road! I hope and pray that everyone is bearing up well, persevering in hope and resilient in the Lord. It has been testing I am sure for all of us, being denied our usual freedoms and means of comfort and solace, we can feel at sea in a storm that seemingly never ends. However, be assured of my closeness with you, especially when I am at the Altar of God offering Mass for you and your intentions. Thank you for all your kind messages and phone calls. I am working my way through the database ringing up those who are alone, as well as ensuring my brothers priests and deacons who are alone are keep well, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

The Lord remains close to us in these times, I look forward to the day when the church will be open and we can celebrate Mass together, but Christ abides afresh in our homes at this time. In Holy Week, we have the luxury of contemplating these mysteries of our Salvation and Hope without excuse of wasteful activity. Let us pray that this Holy Week will give us a deeper closeness to He, who suffered, died and rose for us. The Easter Candle will be lit as a light in our darkness and how real and striking that will be in this most peculiar of Easters. Light a candle with me on Saturday Night and show the light of Christ to our neighbours, if you have fireworks somewhere hidden away – set them off!

This has been a very sad and stressful time especially for those who have lost loved ones, funerals with social distancing, denying mourners of a consoling touch is very against our nature. We pray for the families and friends of Toni Brogna, Antonio Pisani and Canon Eddie Matthews. We salute, thank and pray for those in our parish and beyond who work in the NHS and other key workers who keep us going at this time.

Presbytery Life – Fr Alban and I are well, I managed to rescue my sister from Eastbourne as I did not want her to be alone, so we are three. We have a routine but there are times of boredom as we are away from our people. Let us pray for a swift end to this and comfort and solace for the worried, sick and peace to those who have gone to the Lord.

My prayers for a prayerful Holy Week and make sure you celebrate the Resurrection with the Joy that is our hope: Jesus, the Light of World, Risen from the Dead will come to save us.        Fr Aaron

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